In today’s high-tech world, electronics development is essential for many industries, including seleon, where it is an integral part of the development of medical devices and systems. Medium-sized companies like seleon in particular are often faced with the challenge of finding innovative solutions to keep pace with market demands. Efficient development is crucial to gaining a competitive edge. In this context, the use of boundary scanners is becoming increasingly important. seleon has recognised this and uses a boundary scanner in its development.

The advantages of such a system are explained below.

Fault detection and diagnostics: the advantages of boundary scanners in electronics development

By using the boundary scanner, we can carry out comprehensive fault detection in electronic circuits in a semi-automated manner. This allows us to quickly identify faults such as short circuits, interruptions or faulty connections. This enables precise diagnosis of problems during development, commissioning and production, which ultimately leads to improved product quality.

Time and cost savings

By using the boundary scanner, seleon can significantly reduce development and test times. Automated error detection reduces manual effort and speeds up the development process for electronics/PCBs. This leads to a more efficient utilisation of resources and ultimately reduces development costs for our customers.

Scalability and flexibility

The Boundary Scanner offers seleon the ability to flexibly adapt product development to new requirements. The scalability of the system makes it possible to efficiently test both small prototypes and large production batches. This allows seleon to react quickly to changes in customer requirements and keep development costs within reasonable limits.

Conformity to standards and quality assurance

The use of the boundary scanner contributes to compliance with medical norms and standards. Comprehensive fault detection and diagnosis ensures compliance with quality standards and contributes to the safety and reliability of customer products. This is particularly important in medical technology.

Overall, the use of seleon’s boundary scanner offers the opportunity to increase efficiency, maintain product quality at a high level and increase competitiveness. By integrating this innovative technology, seleon has improved its development processes and maintained quality standards without increasing development costs.

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