Project description

The PhysioGate® PG 2000 is an innovative communication unit that makes it possible to receive and display data from various non-invasive sensors such as blood pressure monitors, scales or ECG devices on a tablet or smartphone. With this application, the data can be automatically transmitted to medical institutions such as hospitals, doctors’ offices or telemedicine centers. In addition, the user interface offers patients the option of making manual entries about their current condition or calling up third-party apps. The PhysioGate® PG 2000 is a compelling solution for effective and secure transfer of medical data and provides patients with an easy way to manage their health information.


Mobile app for tablet and smartphone
Bluetooth LE technology for communication with blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter and scale
Input mask for medical condition
Kiosk mode through mobile device management
Quick configuration using QR codes
FHIR standard for communication with patient information systems
Integration and control of additional third-party apps
Class IIa medical device

Project task

App development: communication unit for non-invasive devices, text and voice input, cellular transmission to telemedicine facilities.

seleon has developed an innovative medical technology app that acts as a communication unit, receiving and displaying data from various non-invasive devices such as blood pressure monitors, scales and ECG devices and forwarding it to telemedicine facilities. Most impressive is the ability for patients to manually enter text or voice input, which is then transmitted to the telemedicine facilities via cellular communication.

The seleon app features several highlights, including wireless connectivity via Bluetooth® LE and encrypted data transmission in FHIR format via cellular.

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