The device provides the user with a standardized, interactive guide through the reprocessing of endoscopes. The performance of the actions is recorded and documented. A central filing system for the data enables statistics to be generated for the endoscopes and their use.


Across all divisions, seleon was entrusted with the development and subsequent approval of the product for the European and North American markets.


During reprocessing, the device checks the connected endoscope for leaks and moisture inside. The user is informed about the condition of the endoscope and guided through the necessary procedure. If the user detects any abnormalities on the endoscope, he can enter them via the touch screen. A repair or service order can be initiated directly on the test device.

The quality of endoscope testing during reprocessing has been improved. The device guides the reprocessor through standardized, easy-to-follow procedures and helps him to detect malfunctions at an early stage before major damage is done to the endoscope.

The information on endoscope reprocessing can be viewed and evaluated by the clinic and service staff to further optimize the use of the endoscopes.