Project description

The advanced robotic operating theatre system represents a pioneering solution for surgical procedures by allowing surgeons the flexibility between robotics and laparoscopy without compromising the surgical procedure. Unlike conventional surgical robots, this system offers optimised interaction and communication between the surgeon and the medical team in a fully sterile environment with an open console. The system’s more compact footprint provides more space for precise attacks.

The variable positioning options of the robotic arms during the procedure allow the surgeon to use the robot specifically for complex work steps or the entire procedure.

Overall, this pioneering robotic operating theatre system is an optimised and efficient solution for surgical procedures in the context of robotics and laparoscopy.

Project order

seleon was commissioned to develop the firmware for the robotic system. In the first stage of development, the device was equipped with 4 degrees of freedom and had a combination of motion drives: The macro-movements were mechanically driven, while the micro-movements were realised by electronic motors.

The second phase of the project resulted in a device with 7 degrees of freedom, with all movements being driven electronically. During the course of the project, the device concept grew from 10 microprocessors and 8 motors to an impressive 22 microprocessors and 16 motors, divided into main and safety functionality.

The central aim of this pioneering project was to ensure outstanding precision and minimal latency in the movements. Sophisticated CANOpen communication was used to achieve the required data transmission speed.

seleon contributed expertise in the following areas:

Firmware for the CAN bus-based, distributed control system: By developing and implementing customised firmware, we ensure that the device modules function optimally.

Configuration of communication between all microprocessors and motor drivers: Our experts optimise communication between the various components of the device to ensure smooth processes and maximum efficiency.

Project documentation: To ensure a transparent and traceable development process, we offer comprehensive project documentation that documents all steps and decisions.

We are proud to have contributed with our technical expertise to ensure that the project achieved its goals. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our services and solutions.

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