Project description

Nowadays, more and more patients require precise monitoring of their haemodynamic parameters during the perioperative process and should therefore be cared for according to the latest standards. To avoid postoperative complications and to guide perioperative haemodynamic management, haemodynamic parameters can serve as target values.

NICCI represents an innovative option for extended haemodynamic monitoring by providing continuous values non-invasively. The reliable parameters, especially in the operating theatre, facilitate treatment decisions. The design of NICCI is based on the ergonomic shape of a computer mouse and can be ideally adapted to different patient hands thanks to different sensor sizes. In addition, NICCI is quickly ready for use thanks to its uncomplicated click fastener.

Project order

Initially, the measurement principle was demonstrated using an active disposable, with the PulsioFlex monitor as an available product.

seleon GmbH was entrusted with a wide range of tasks for the NICCI project.

One of the main tasks was to industrialise the system on the basis of the functional model with active disposable and to adapt it mechanically to the existing monitor system. In doing so, seleon pursued the goal of developing an optical concept and supervising its implementation in order to make the disposable passive and thus significantly reduce costs.

Another focus was on the development of automated test setups for stress tests and endurance tests. The aim here was to ensure the quality and reliability of the system while optimising the test process.

In addition, seleon created assembly instructions, carried out P-FMEA (Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and built the first prototypes. This enabled the system to be assembled smoothly and ensured that potential sources of error could be recognised and rectified at an early stage.

Another important step was the development of a semi-automated test stand for production. This enables efficient and high-quality production of the system.

In its role as system integrator, seleon GmbH successfully combined the technology, ergonomics and design to bring the product to market successfully

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