Project description

Optimum air humidification is a decisive factor in patient ventilation. It involves warming the breathing air to 37 °C and humidifying it to almost 100 %. In situations where natural airways such as the mouth, nose and throat cannot be used due to a tracheostomy tube, effective humidification systems play a key role. These systems are of great importance as they ensure a realistic imitation of natural conditions and provide patients with an optimal breathing environment that supports their health and recovery.

Project task

seleon has developed an innovative humidifier that enables both humidification and warming of the upper airways during invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation. seleon GmbH was commissioned to develop two variants:

Integrated variant: This variant is part of a comprehensive system that also includes the ventilator itself. The humidifier is controlled and adjusted directly via the ventilator.

Stand-alone version: This is a stand-alone unit with a dedicated user interface that can be used to customise all parameters. This version of the humidifier has a serial interface and is compatible with a wide range of ventilators on the market.

By developing these two versions of a humidifier, seleon covers the entire range of possible applications. In combination with the development of the appropriate tubing system and humidifier for domestic use, seleon offers its customers comprehensive expertise and a versatile product range.

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