A physiological measurement module (PMM) for synchronizing CT image acquisition with the patient’s respiratory or heart rate was developed and manufactured for a new generation of CT scanners.


During the data acquisition of the CT scanner, the PMM shall record and analyze physiological data, such as the ECG, the pulse rate and a respiratory signal. The ECG data shall be used to derive a trigger signal in real time that triggers the CT scan at a defined cardiac phase. The PMM is to be integrated as a stand-alone module in the foot end of the scanner.


The focus was on online ECG analysis. This meant that the use of costly, complex analysis methods was out of the question. Nevertheless, the individual cardiac phases were to be reliably detected even in the pathological cases. Thanks to its high level of expertise in data analysis, seleon succeeded in developing a sophisticated ECG analysis procedure. After the cardiac phase of interest is detected from the ECG data, the module sends a trigger signal to the CT scanner. This allows image acquisition during the resting phase between two heartbeats, regardless of the heart rate or irregularities in the patient’s heartbeat.

The bundling of all work steps, from development to series production, in one hand, as well as the permanent transparent reporting at the customer, led to a seamless integration of the module into the scanner. Through intelligent control from the customer, adaptive dose modulation controlled by the ECG was realized, minimizing radiation exposure in the phases of rapid heart movement.